Why a modular kitesurfing board?

” With INOBO, we wanted to completely rethink the kiteboarding board, do something really new and different “

The INOBO board is not a simple ” board ” but the assembly of a deck and a carbon fiber exoskeleton. The entire structure of a kitesurfing board has been redesigned, no one had proposed this before. The carbon fiber exoskeleton ensures the rigidity of the board and the deck provides different levels of comfort, pop, grip, stability depending on the deck associated. By mounting the exoskeleton on a deck chosen according to size, shape and material (transparent, wood or carbon), you can compose your own kitesurfing board to meet your performance needs. Sold from 99€,  the variety of decks proposed enable you to have many boards in   just one   as well as giving you the opportunity to upgrade your riding style or change you board decoration at a low price.

Having a modular kitesurfing board therefore brings several advantages:

  • Depending on the conditions you can adjust the size of your board. In light wind, you can then screw in your deck light wind (148x45cm). The wind is stronger, put your small deck back (132×39,5, 135×40 or 138×41)! 
  • You often kite on different spots. Depending on the conditions of the latter, you can then choose the stiffness of your board! A choppy spot, choose the Wavio deck, very comfortable. A flat spot, then go on the Woodio. 
  • You hit a rock and get scratches, no need to change your board completely, just change your deck and get a new one.