The story

Kitesurfing passion

It all started three years ago in a garage when the two founders of INOBO, still students, decided to make their kitesurfing boards in an artisanal way.
Driven by this passion, follows a  job in a water sports production company in China. Once back in France, one desire: innovate in the world of Kitesurfing.

Modular kitesurfing board

In the beginning, it started from the crazy idea of making a transparent kite board. Then an idea by bringing another, the architecture of the Board retained to achieve transparency has allowed to think much more daring and to propose a small revolution in the world of kite. Because the board of INOBO is not a simple “kitesurfing board”   but the assembly of a deck and a carbon exoskeleton. It is the whole structure of a kite board that is redesigned, no one had proposed that yet. By combining engineering and passion, INOBO can now offer a board that adapts to the kitesurfer looking for a board that is both versatile and efficient.

So, this is our concept : an highly performant evolutionary board that you could adapt regarding your level, the spot conditions and the riding style you’re looking for. On one hand, the carbon exoskeleton ensures stiffness to the board, whereas on the other hand, the deck enables you to go from a comfy, steady board to a playfull and dynamic one depending on the deck you choose. The range of decks we proposed varies on size, shape and material (transparent, wood or carbon) and by combining one to the exoskeleton, you are shaping your board as you like it to be.

Sold from 99€,  the variety of decks proposed enable you to have many boards  in just one   as well as giving you the opportunity to upgrade your riding style or change you board decoration at a low price.

INOBO was born (contraction of Ino, the goddess of calm seas and Bo for board).