Modular wakestyle kitesurfing board – Inobo Evio


Price includes: skeleton, deck, pads, straps, handle and fins

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The Evio is the wakestyle deck.313, Railey, Backmobe are words you commonly use, so this deck is made for you!

Full carbone this deck will bring you light and aggressive pop. A double convex and accented channels allow to have an excellent grip. (you would like to understand why channel/concave imply an excellent grip, we wrote an article about)

The exoskeleton 100% carbon ensures the rigidity of the board. This one, unique, is used on all types of decks. It is manufactured using the pre-pregnation process (used for the manufacture of foils in particular). You want to know more about skeleton construction: it’s this way

The rocker is directly given by the skeleton.

The board is sold complete with a skeleton + deck + accessories.

Discover the reviews/tests of the Evio here.






3.7 kg complete board




Try our board, if you are not satisfied, you can return it to us within 30 days and get a full refund.

All orders are delivered directly from our office in France.

Delivery cost for a complete Board: 40 euros worldwide

All our products are guaranteed 2 years.


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Modular wakestyle kitesurfing board - Inobo evio
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Full carbon

5.0 rating

Super deck with a full carbon look, visually aggressive and aggressive behavior!
On a flat water thanks to its concave shape the board is like flying what gives you an extraordinary feeling of acceleration with an efficient upwind 😍😍, pop is perfect if you have good legs!😜
On choppy conditions, it’s not its advantage because really rigid but its sisters, the woodio or even the wavio, do the job in these conditions.
To conclude super deck with excellent look and behavior that I would use when I would go on flat because I enjoyed myself with it.


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