Modular lightwind kitesurfing board – Inobo Nevio


Price includes: skeleton, deck, pads, straps, handle and fins

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The Nevio is the lightwind deck: the ultimate weapon for your kitesurfing sessions in light wind.

Its large size will allow you to have excellent buoyancy and wind up quickly. Its shape brings a fast glide.

The exoskeleton 100% carbon ensures the rigidity of the board. This one, unique, is used on all types of decks. It is manufactured using the pre-pregnation process (used for the manufacture of foils in particular). You want to know more about skeleton construction: it’s this way

The rocker is directly given by the skeleton.

The board is sold complete with a skeleton + deck + accessories.

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3.9 kg complete board


Complete board is composed of a skeleton, a Nevio deck, ailerons, pads, straps and handle


Try our board, if you are not satisfied, you can return it to us within 30 days and get a full refund.

All orders are delivered directly from our office in France.

Delivery cost for a complete Board: 40 euros worldwide

All our products are guaranteed 2 years.


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NEVIO / engie kite tour Arcachon

5.0 rating

J ai été surpris et bluffé, vent de 10/12 noeuds, mono duotone 13m, 24 m de ligne et mes 80kgs equipé… Planning immédiat !!!
La Nevio se comporte exactement comme ma Woodio 138, vive, reactive, le clapot s efface facilement et c est aussi confortable.
Manœuvre sans forcer, j oubli totalement les 148×45 et je ride avec un immense plaisir.
Test validé haut la main dans le ligth

Frank Veillon