Modular freestyle kitesurfing deck – Inobo Woodio


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The Woodio is the freestyle deck. From beginner to intermediate freestyler, this deck can perform in varied water conditions.

By changing your deck from the Wavio to the Woodio, you will multiple the stiffness of your board by 20 thanks to the wood core.

The 3D design of this deck brings a really confortable board and smooth ride while having a great ability to edge due to the different channels. Thanks to this 3D bottom shape the Woodio deck brings an impressive pop. (you would like to understand why channel/concave imply an excellent grip, we wrote an article about)

To assemble this deck, you need a skeleton, if it is not yet the case, you will find your happiness on the page complete boards sold with a skeleton, a deck and accessories by clicking here.

Discover the reviews/tests of the Woodio here.






3.8 kg complete board


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3.0 rating

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The best 1

5.0 rating

Inobo kiteboards is a great new concept.
One skeleton with interchangeable decks.
Making it a great choice for having different sized decks a lot cheaper than having loads of different kiteboards.
I have the clear and the wood for me so far the best is the wood it complements the carbon skeleton brilliantly.
I like the clear deck but where I ride very murky dirty water so I don’t get to see many other fishes 😉😉
And I find the wood deck is just slightly better for what I want a board for really good at jumping very quick in the water very good for freestyle and big air.
Still awaiting to try a carbon dick which might be even better??
Top board from a really good helpful new brand.


A great concept

5.0 rating

xcellent concept, the wood deck is very comfortable even in the choppy. The landings during kiteloop engages are done smoothly.
Very good ascent to the wind and playful.


The best deck

5.0 rating

The Woodio deck is really excellent.
The Board accelerates fast and is easy to go upwind. The navigation is still comfortable, even in choppy conditions.
The pop in the jump call is perfect.
Everything remains a player which makes it a very fun Board to ride. Not to mention the UNIQUE style!
Ideal freeride/freestyle.


great product and great design

5.0 rating

We definitely love the Inobo product and I love to use the wood deck for overpowered session and massive kiteloops.. This deck its floating a lot and gives to you a great sailing confort… This deck is great for freestyle and heavy riders