Modular freeride kitesurfing deck – Inobo Wavio


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The Wavio is the freeride deck. The polycarbonate deck with rounded tips makes it possible to have maximum control and a very good performance in wind-up.

The flexibility of polycarbonate will allow your board to adapt better to the water’s surface of the water and make it ultra comfortable. Stiff outside skeleton coupled with the soft tips creates smooth water release/landing and early planing.

The rocker is directly given by the skeleton.

The transparent side of this deck allows you to rediscover the ocean in a new light!

To assemble this deck, you need a skeleton, if it is not yet the case, you will find your happiness on the page complete boards sold with a skeleton, a deck and accessories by clicking here.

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4.5 kg complete board


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Modular freeride kitesurfing board - Inobo Wavio
Modular wakestyle kitesurfing board - Inobo evio
Modular lightwind kitesurfing board - Inobo nevio


Flexible, comfortable, precise.

5.0 rating

I only tried the plexi deck but in three words: soft, comfortable and precise.


An easy but terribly effective board!

5.0 rating

First session with the Inobo Wavio. I used to kite on an RSC Supreme.
The Wavio is really an easy board. It has a very good pop to jump.
This board is really playful and super light.
The course is also very good.
You will understand I am delighted and recommend this Wavio to anyone who wants to have a lot of fun on the water!


Stylish and Easy Board

5.0 rating

The most stylish Board in the beach made in France!
Very handy, easy to ride, with the originality of being able to change decks!
Top delivery, RAS


Love it

5.0 rating

I love my board, I am not a professional kiteboarder but it’s a real pleasure to ride it, and the look is awsome. 0
The quality is really good, and the pad are the most comfortable one I ever used.
Now When I ride I check my feet to see under the water:-D


Not only an eye catcher!

5.0 rating

This board has more to offer than just beautiful design. It makes the riding smooth and with great comfort!
Great upwind abilities and give you the pop you need to get the heights and addition to this ultra soft landings. I am more than happy with the board!!