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The Wavio is the freeride deck. The deck in polycarbonate with rounded tips allows a maximum control and very good performances in driving upwind. Furthermore, the Wavio deck allows ultra soft landings.

The flexibility of polycarbonate will allow your board to better adapt to the water surface and make it ultra comfortable. The rigid external skeleton combined with more flexible ends allow for a smooth takeoff and landing during jumps and a fast planning start during your kitesurfing sessions.

The transparent side of this deck allows you to rediscover the ocean in a new light!

The exoskeleton 100% carbon ensures the rigidity of the board. This one, unique, is used on all types of decks. It is manufactured using the pre-pregnation process (used for the manufacture of foils in particular). You want to know more about skeleton construction: it’s this way

The rocker is directly given by the skeleton.

The board is sold complete with a skeleton + deck + accessories.

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4.5 kg complete board




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