Modular freeride kitesurfing board – Inobo wavio


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The Wavio is the freeride deck. The deck in polycarbonate with rounded tips allows a maximum control and very good performances in driving upwind. Furthermore, the Wavio deck allows ultra soft landings.

The flexibility of polycarbonate will allow your board to better adapt to the water surface and make it ultra comfortable. The rigid external skeleton combined with more flexible ends allow for a smooth takeoff and landing during jumps and a fast planning start during your kitesurfing sessions.

The transparent side of this deck allows you to rediscover the ocean in a new light!

The exoskeleton 100% carbon ensures the rigidity of the board. This one, unique, is used on all types of decks. It is manufactured using the pre-pregnation process (used for the manufacture of foils in particular). You want to know more about skeleton construction: it’s this way

The rocker is directly given by the skeleton.

The board is sold complete with a skeleton + deck + accessories.

Discover the reviews/tests of the Wavio here.






4.5 kg complete board




Try our board, if you are not satisfied, you can return it to us within 30 days and get a full refund.

All orders are delivered directly from our office in France.

Delivery cost for a complete Board: 40 euros worldwide

All our products are guaranteed 2 years.


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Modular freeride kitesurfing board - Inobo Wavio
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A deck cut for the wave and freeride that will delight more than one! 🙂

5.0 rating

Back on my first two rides with the Wavio deck:
-First ride in a light wind, the board accelerates well and has a good wind up. Regarding comfort, we can say that for his first board, INOBO did a great job. The ride is really nice, the board absorbs very well the chop and to a very playful side, as soon as a small wave is formed, we feel that she wants to go to surf immediately!
-second ride, one day of strong condition! There was good waves, after a few minutes of grip to feel a little the reactions of the board, that was perfect!
The board is super playful, the surfing is simple and smooth, it always goes well in the wind and the very good surprise was on the kick out of the waves exits or it takes off frankly and or the landing is really soft!
In short, a deck cut for the wave and freeride that will delight more than one! 🙂


On the water, riding with the Plexi deck is incomparable to the other boards on the market

5.0 rating

Test of the board INOBO a few weeks ago… Already, this board is canon for its unique design that mixes transparent plexi, carbon and… The colorful touch and flashy of the pads;-) In addition, you can easily change the support (size, material) of board. On the water, riding with the Plexi deck is incomparable to the other boards on the market. The best thing is to try it to adopt it!!! And to not spoil anything, the team INOBO is friendly and attentive:-)


Super Board

5.0 rating

Board received 5 days after the order. Well packaged, direct contact with the company. First try on Lacanau in a light wind (12-14 knots): Super nice board! Second essay on Barcarès in the well-known tram, board always as comfortable. Looking forward to trying out the new decks to come…


Inobo Board Test

5.0 rating

First Test of the board with the freeride deck at Biscarrosse Ocean side 20 knots with a formed and tight sea, the board is super comfortable at the passage of the chop, it accelerates well in the gusts. The wind up is easy, the comfort is really exceptional without altering the performance C is what I remember from this first navigation.