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  Is not it difficult to spot the board because of its transparency?
Contrary to popular belief, the color of the board does not matter because only accessories are visible once you are in the water, and the same applies for more classic boards..
  Are INOBO boards as performant as the others?
INOBO boards have been dimensioned (digitial simulations and real tests) in bending and torsion with the aim to get the same mechanic characteristics of the boards of the market. The carbon structure helps to keep the board pop and nervousness and the makrolon deck allows utlra soft landings.
  How can I change my deck?


STEP 1 : 

  • Unscrew screws fins, then pads screws (be careful with the black caps) and finally the handle screws  

STEP 2 : Handle assembly  

  • Put the countersunk head screws (the two longest) at the level of the handle 

  • Put the handle and then the capnuts by hand screwing without tighten 


STEP 3 : Pads/Straps assembly (right or left pad, begin with the one you want) 

  • Put a first through screw to place the pad 


  • Put the strap without forgetting the black strip 



  • Put the black cap (rough surface on the bottom) 

  • Hand screw the capnut without tighten 


  • Do the same the second pad screw 


STEP 4 : Fins assembly 

  • Hand screw the fins screws with the washers without thighten 


STEP 5 : Screwing


You can now all screw with a cross-head screwdriver by beginning from the handle to the fins. Make sure that every screw fits well the shape. 


  Is the transperent deck scratched quickly?
There are obviously micro-scraches that appears on the transparent deck but they are almost imperceptible and invisible in the water.
  Could the gap between the skeleton and transparent deck be problematic?
With the transparent deck, when it's hot, a gap can appear between the skeleton and deck by thermal expansion. This does not imply anything about the mechanical properties while you are riding. Indeed, once you are riding, by compression, the deck will lean on the skeleton.  
  INOBO fins screw spacing seems different than usual fins? 
Indeed, usual fins have a concave on the screwing surface implying the the fins' extremies come pressing on your twintip. This has a direct influence on the properties of the deck, we prefered redrawing fins fitting closely to our deck. To avoid any confusion, we modified the fins screw spacing. 
  I still have few questions
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