Defi Kite 2019: the event that brings together 400 amateur/pro kiteboarders – the Inobo ambassadors tell us!

Bringing together pros and kitesurfers at the same time on the same starting line is the ambitious and completely achieved objective of Philippe Bru and his team for the 2019 Kite Challenge. 4 Inobo riders, Franck, Olivier, Jean-Thomas, and Mathieu were on this starting line. First time for some, a ritual for others, a single desire to start again next year: that’s their feedback… their experience.

Describe the Defi Kite event

Mathieu: “the Defi Kite is a race that brought together this year 400 kitesurfers on a 20 km circuit in gruissan in the famous tramontane which reached 50 knots this year!!!”

Jean-Thomas : “the Defi Kite is simply an experience to live for any kitesurfer!!”

Olivier : “The Defi Kite is a time that we all expect, a crazy thing, huge organization, more than 400 riders. A moment of self-overcoming, shared pleasure.”

What does it mean to you?

Franck : “The Defi Kite has been a huge moment of sharing, and fun with my buddies of the Association KAP’L from Leucate. The organization… Incredible!!! Philippe BRU and all his team, rescue at sea, beach marshalls of CREPS, sponsors, brands… All perfect to live 3 awesome days.”

Jean-Thomas : “It’s to me an awesome moment for pros as for beginners.”

Mathieu: “It was the first year that I took part in it and I strongly apprehended the departures with 400 kites in the sky. Finally it was full of happiness, nice to share this race between buddies, and lot of parties!”

How do you feel after these three days? How many km?

Franck : “The first round arrives, choice of the kite by thinking back to the recommendations during the brief, 20/25 knots at Gruissan but potentially +10 at Port la Nouvelle 10kms. First take-off among 10, 20, 30 kites with gusty conditions that drops off your kite to the water or in the lines of your neighbor… Leave quickly the beach, join the other 399 to pass behind a boat full speed. First run : 20km, you think you also are full speed and you finally meet the other ones coming back while you only did 6/7 km. 1 round, 2 round and first day complete. Party with the buddies then barbecue, sleep 1:00 am. The next morning you feel the pain from yesterday. Get a little breakfast with everyone and first briefing for the second day: 20 km, then 40km… Saturday night I am… OUT but the party, the music, the atmosphere leads me again around 1:30 AM. Sunday morning I think not even be able to get out of my T4 van, and yet still 2 times 20 kms…. “

Olivier : “Hard to get back to work”

Epic moments during this Defi Kite?

Franck : “The easy way to chat with the pros that you always only see on magazines.”

Jean-Thomas : “To me the most epic moment was my fall on the back edge of the last round in 4m with an average speed 23 knots and V MAX 34 knots. I hit a sandbank and got off of my boot – got a KO but I finished anyway without losing my position!”

Olivier : “All the departures, the last day 45 knots with gusts at 55 knots – a tangle at the 6th run!!!”

Mathieu: “The full speed departures : always impressive, the adrenaline is at its maximum”

How did you prepare yourself (or not =))?

Franck : “I thought I’d properly prepared: gym, kitesurfing sessions… A few months before, well that wasn’t enough.”

Jean-Thomas : “Little workout with buddies on the pool but nothing beats Saturday night training to challenge a good physical preparation all night”

Gear used?

Franck : “Rebel + Inobo Stratos”

Jean-Thomas : “Ozone Edge/Enduro + Inobo Woodio”

Mathieu: “Voyager storm 11, 9 and 5M ² kites+ Inobo Woodio + Wavio”

Do you plan to come back in 2020?

Franck : “In 2020 I will come back with my Board and its deck 135×40 Stratos… at the top”

Jean-Thomas : “It’s obvious with the INOBO team I hope!!! “

Olivier : “Yes for 2020″

Mathieu: “I will do it again without hesitation”