6 innovations in the kitesurfers and water sports world

Innovations are present in both kitesurfing and water sports.

Here are some examples of inventions that will seduce novices like the confirmed and revolutionize the world of gliding.

Ploota, lifejacket

To feel safe during your kitesurfers session, the German company, Ploota develops an innovative lifejacket. The latter wears like a collar around his neck. It can then be triggered manually when the person feels at risk of drowning, or automatically, through sensors, when they detect a danger of drowning.

The idea for this new type of lifejacket came from the company’s founder: Rainer Fakesch. The latter almost lost relatives by drowning. Then it was by discovering the high death rate due to this cause that he decided to develop Ploota. It is a lightweight collar that is developed for aquatic activity such as kitesurfing. When the sensors remain underwater for more than 30 seconds, the two CO2 inflated buoys are activated on each side. This allows the person to surface and keep their head above the water. If you want to trigger the system automatically, simply press the central button.

To reuse this collar, after triggering, simply change the CO2 cartridges, bend the buoys and store them in their compartments. Much more convenient to carry than a traditional lifejacket, Ploota is as ergonomic as it is easy to use. It allows you not to be embarrassed during your nautical activities. Available in several sizes (S, M or L), Ploota can be suitable for children as well as adults. This model of lifebuoy, keeps your children safe without having to pay continuous attention to them. And for water sports enthusiasts, Ploota brings you a sense of security while leaving you free of your movements.

Following their success after the Kickstarter campaign launch in the 2017 summer, this innovation is expected to be commercialised soon. In the meantime you can visit their websitesite for further information:

Kalypse, a tailor-made combination

New combinations are available at Kalypse, they will be perfect for your next kitesurf sessions. The Kalypse brand is a couture house which creates neoprene clothing for water sports and submarines. Everyone can find their happiness: tailor-made combinations for kitesurf, surfing, swimming, diving… The brand values the innovative touch and the design of the product. They are all made entirely in France.

The Kalypse combinations have the particularities of constituting a real second marine skin combining allure, performance and comfort. Kalypse combinations are fully customizable and unique. Thanks to 3D design, customers can choose the colors and design of their future combinations. Moreover, they are guided by the proposals of a stylist: Nathalie S. Marchac. Many customers are already satisfied with their combinations. They appreciate the different morphologies adaptability, the material flexibility that leaves you completely free of your movements, on the ground as underwater.

Each model is unique thanks to the 3D development tool. Everything is customizable, you can also choose the thickness of the combination between three millimeters, five millimeters or seven millimeters. Neoprene parts are sticked together thanks to a process that keeps the fabric supple while being resistant. They are then sewn only on the outside in order to be more comfortable.

They are all equipped with waterproof sleeves at the neck, ankles and wrists. Straps are also present to close the sleeves and thus reinforce the sealing. Shin and knee reinforcements can be added for those who use the foil. In addition, a water evacuation will be possible thanks to the micro perforated neoprene at the calf level. For kitesurfers who sail in winter, they will be able to superimpose on their combination a three millimeters thickness top to wear under their combination. The combinations are now available for sale on the brand’s website and are three years guaranteed.

Lift eFoil, an electric surfboard

When there is not enough wind for a kitesurfing session, think of the eFoil Lift. After scooters and cars, it is now the Foil that goes electric. Now the pleasure of sliding is done by flying over the water. This surfboard is controlled by a handle that the person has in hand and sends information to the engine.

This is Nick Leason the eFoil Lift. He designed a board that could sails without the wind or wave need. He added a small propeller motor to the two wings under the drift. Of course, the engine is silent and gives you a complete control. This is a built-in computer, which is programmed to handle decelerations and speed sockets by providing more stability. The eFoil is produced from a lithium battery to power the motor mounted on a carbon fiber hydrofoil. The battery has a battery life of one hour, and recharges in less than two hours. Everything is controlled by the handle connected in Bluetooth. It is completely waterproof. The motor will stop automatically if the lever is released or if the handle is immersed in water. It also has a display screen with battery level, power settings and alerts. When the battery is almost empty, the power setting decreases, so that the rider can safely return to the ground. Plus a strap was thought to not lose the grip.

Beginners and confirmed people can try the experiment, however it is recommended to weigh less than 250 pounds (about 110 kg) to use this innovative product. Its cost is 12 000 dollars (about 10 500 euros).

An electric paddle?

The stand up paddle is a very fashionable nautical sport and many amateurs adhere to this playful sport accessible to all. You can sail at sea, on a lake or in a river admiring the view with friends. Indeed, when the wind is not out for a kitesurf session, the SUP is a good alternative. But let’s recognize we quickly have shoulders pain. A little boost has arrived: Scubajet. It is the lightest electric motor ever invented that adapts to different water sports.

It is a small portable motor in water immersion that is fixed under the paddle. It will allow you to climb up to 15km/h, modulating with three spped levels. It weights only 3kg and is easily transported. Its battery of 200 or 400 WH, has about 1H30 autonomy. There are several sizes in the range. The engine is waterproof up to 45 meters deep.

The Scubajet assembly take a short time. Simply clip the repeater on your board and the remote control on your paddle. The motor will stop automatically if you take out your board from the water or if you fall into the water. To start or restart, simply operate the water-resistant remote control.

Scubajet also adapts to a kayak, a pneumatic boat or even a canoe. You just have to have the right adapter and a bit of your time to clip the Scubajet on board. Divers can also use it for scuba diving. Many accessories have come to add to the range in order to be able to adapt to all the different compatible supports. It is already marketed, and is available on the brand’s website. It is sold for approximately 800 euros.

The wing foil

After surf and kitesurf… now wing foil ! The first prototype of wing foil is seen in 2015 at the arm of Tony logosz. This new sport combines kitesurfers and windsurf. One is directly connected to the wing without mat and without lines attached to the Board. On June 3, Duotone’s latest innovation will be available to the public. This is of course the hybrid sail and this brand new sport wing foil. This new activity will be commercialised first by Duotone at their annual dealers meeting in the Canary Islands.

The wing foil is mastered by a boom and allows to simply handle the sail. A leash is connected from the wrist of the person to the veil and another is connected from the ankle to the Board, to ensure a safe practice. In addition, this gives you a sensation of freedom similar to that of surfing. This new sport offers a wide area of expression, freedom of movement and a good ascent to the wind. The sail is easy to take in hand thanks to its rigid boom. It is also easily transportable, light and measures about one metre long and twenty centimetres wide. This boom is in aluminium and adjusts between 115 centimeters and 175 centimeters. It offers the possibility to adapt to all sizes of wing foil ranging from 2m ² to 5M ². The wing can then adapt to all conditions. You are ready to surf, jump, go back to the wind… Everything is possible! You can sail as easily as in kite or windsurfing.

Brands like Naish, fanatic, F-one and many others will also follow this new trend and in turn commercialize the wing foil. In summer 2019 you will be able to offer a new experience thanks to the wing foil!

1st connected surfboard, By The Wave

If you want to alternate kitesurfing sessions with another water sport, we recommend surfing. To simplify your practices, the start up by the Wave has developed a device to carry with you a box that allows you to learn and progress in your practice.

This is a sensor fixed on your surfboard that calculates and tells you the perfect time to get up and take the wave. The enclosure also allows you to specify what is good or poorly executed and offers solutions to improve you. He’s a real virtual coach! This idea was conceived by Kevin Lestrade, the founder of the company. The aim of this device is to improve the performance and progression of beginners and experienced practitioners. It is from an algorithm, that the sensor manages to perceive the movements of the Board and to define the behavior of the rider.

Two programs are available according to the level of the people. A first that helps to take the wave at the right time thanks to a visual signal. A second, which offers personalized improvement tips through virtual coaching. Everything is collected on a Smartphone app: ride +.

This tool can also connect to your skate or your snow. You can now pre-order it on the brand’s website.

The world of water sports is constantly evolving, and developing innovations to meet the needs of practitioners. Whether you are beginners or experts you will find the innovation and the practice that suit you.

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