Focus Ambassador Inobo : Benjamin

Inobo’s adventure is built around modular kitesurfing boards but also thanks to the ambassadors representing the brand in the 4 corners of the world (or rather in the 4 corners of Europe for the moment =)). Through these different focuses, we will honour our different ambassadors.

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Introduce yourself

Benjamin – 28 years old

How did you discover kitesurfing?

I discovered kitesurfing when I arrived in the Arcachon basin in 2010. Since then I haven’t stopped!

What is kitesurfing for you?

The most enjoyable sport in the world, quite simply

Why did you choose kitesurfing?

A backpack with a kite, hang a board & harness on it, add a bar, sprinkle with a little wind: You have a great sport that you can practice anywhere in the world without having a huge truck, name one more!

Your favorite spot?

Altins in Brazil

How often do you kite?

As soon as I can, about once a month on average (I live in Paris)

What is your favorite trick?

The darkslide

Thank you Benjamin for this feedback!

Feel free to contact him if you are kitesurfing in the department of Manche in France! You can also find all our ambassadors here.

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